People Respecting Individuality Diversity & Equality (PRIDE)

PRIDE Sponsors

Ms. Kallie Givens


Coach Centrese McGee


Club Description: P.R.I.D.E. stands for People Respecting Individuality Diversity and Equality. This club is for students who believe in equal human rights; are against bullying; are gay, lesbian, transgender, bisexual, or questioning and/or who want to support their peers and/or family members who are.

Activities include: Meetings at which members receive information and support in dealing with challenges particular to LGBTQ youth, where they plan activities that promote a school-wide atmosphere of acceptance toward people of all sexual orientations & gender identities, social activities such as karaoke nights, game nights, & pizza parties, where students can proudly "be who they are".

Procedure for joining:  Please complete this PRIDE Club Interest Form or email or see one of the sponsors. Tune in to announcements for meeting times and locations.

Time Commitment: PRIDE meets at least twice per month plus special events

Activity Time Period: August to May