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English Department

With the rapid and continually accelerating rate of change in the modern world, today's student must be prepared to adapt to many new situations. Among these are changes in technology, society, the work environment, the home, and education. Research indicates that a strong command of the English language is essential to success in all of these areas of endeavor. The English program at Thornton Fractional District 215 is devoted to the development of competency in reading, writing, listening, speaking, vocabulary and critical thinking--intrinsic aspects of any effective English curriculum. In addition, the department emphasizes the development of a sense of civic and social responsibility, as well as fostering a better understanding of self and others. Only by directing conscientious effort toward all of these concerns can a student truly maximize his or her potential, for English is the key to all learning and understanding as well as the instrument which transmits our cultural heritage.

Eight semesters of English are required to graduate. Students must take an English credit each semester. However, students may select additional English courses in their junior and/or senior year as electives. Requirements include:

  • English 9
  • English 10
  • English 11
  • English 12
  • or Honors/ AP English courses

English Classes Required Reading Lists

Novels marked with an * are generally read  for book reports/essay purposes.

The Stranger   Albert Camus AP Lang & Comp
There Are No Children Here   Alex Kotlowitz AP Lang & Comp
Their Eyes Were Watching God   Zora Hurston AP Lang & Comp
Thinks Fall Apart   Chinua Acheve AP Lang & Comp
A Hope In The Unseen   Ron Suskind AP Language
Death of a Salesman   Arthur Miller AP Language & Comp
Beowulf   Trans. By Burton Raffel AP Language & Comp.
Glass Castle   Janette Walls AP Language & Comp.
Othello   Shakespeare AP Language & Eng 12
A MidSummers Nights Dream   Shakespeare AP Literature
Fences   August Wilson AP Literature
Great Expectations   Charles Dickens AP Literature
Hamlet   Shakespeare AP Literature
Ibsen - 4 Major Plays   Henrik Ibsen AP Literature
Midsummer Nights Dream   Shakespeare AP Literature
Pride and Prejudice   Jane Austen AP Literature
Sopocles - 3 Theban Plays   Sophocles AP Literature
The Grapes of Wrath   John Steinbeck AP Literature
The Inferno    Dante AP Literature
The Three Theban Plays   Sophocles AP Literature
A Raisin in the Sun   Lorrain Hansberry English 10
Fallen Angels   Walter Dean Myers English 10
Of Mice and Men   John Steinbeck English 10
Native Son   Richard Wright English 10 Honors
The Crucible   Arthur Milkler English 10 Honors
The Great Gatsby   F. Scott Firzgerald English 10 Honors
The Things They Carried   Tim O'Brien English 10 Honors
A Lesson Before Dying   Ernest Gaines English 11
Swallows of Kabul   Yasmin  Khadra English 11
The Secret Lives of Bees   Sue Monk Kidd English 11
In the Time of Butterflies   Julia Alvarez English 11 (Honors)
Macbeth   Shakespeare English 11 (Honors)
Brave New World   Aldous Huxley English 11 Honors
Canterbury Tales   Geoffrey Chaucer English 11 Honors
Feed   M.T. Anderson English 11 Honors
The Importance of Being Ernest   Oscar Wilde English 11 Honors
The Tempest   Shakespeare English 11 Honors
The Taming of the Shrew   Shakespeare English 11 honors
Pygmalion   George B. Shaw English 12
The Outliers   Malcolm Gladwell English 12
To Kill A Mockingbird      Harler Lee English 9
All Quiet on The Western Front   Erich Remarque English 9 honors
Kaffir Boy   Mark Mathabane English 9 honors
The Odyssey   Homer English 9 Honors
Night   Elie Wiesel English 9 honors, English 9
Romeo and Juliet   Shakespeare English 9, Honors English 9
Film Genre   Lester Friedman Media Analysis
1984 * George Orwell  
A Long Way Gone * Ishmael Beah  
Always Running * Luis Rodriguez  
Beautiful Boy * David Sheff  
Black Boy * Richard wright  
Devil in The White City * Erik Larson  
Escape * Carolyn Jessop  
Emma * Jane Austin  
Frankenstein   * Mary Shelley  
Girl In Transition * Jean Kwok  
Into Thin Air * Jon Krakauer  
Of Beetles & Angels * Mawi Asgedom  
Tale of Two Cities * Charles Dickens  

Free English Class Novels Available Online

(Please note that not all the above are available free and online)

Honors English 9

English 9

Honors English 10

Honors English 11

AP Literature

English 12

Language and Composition