Mr. Latharies Bradshaw, Choir Sponsor
Phone:  (708) 585-7045


Description: The TF North Choir is made up of all three choruses: the chorale, advanced, and concert.  Choir is designed to introduce and develop basic singing techniques, to increase performance skills, and promote peer tutoring. 

Activities Include: The choir is committed to the Tree Lighting Ceremony at Memorial Park, which is their annual community service project.  They also hold a yearly fundraiser "Puttin' On the Hits" (Variety/talent show) and participate in the SSC Music Festival and the IHSA Music Organizational Contest.  They play in the Spring concert and at the awards and graduation ceremonies.

Procedure for Joining: Chorale is considered a beginning choir and there is no specific procedure to join, however, advanced and concert requires a year participation in the chorale, and /or recommendation by the choir director or an audition.

Time Commitment: The Choir is a year long class as well as a club, that is renewable every year for those interested.

Activity Time Period: Classes are 5th and 6th period, and the club meets weekly between 3:15 PM-4:15 PM on Monday's and some Thursday's when preparing for performances.