Chronoscope Yearbook


Instructions for freshmen, sophomores, and juniors to use for uploading their picture for the yearbook and ordering their 2021 yearbook can be found at this link.

Send selfies by March 31. Order yearbooks by June 10th!

(Seniors have the chance to have their photos taken by LifeTouch.)


Mr. Joseph Stephan, Chronoscope Yearbook Sponsor
Phone: (708) 585-1088 or (708) 585-1054


All inquiries about the yearbook can be sent to

Description: Students design the yearbook through writing copy and photography. Throughout the school year, yearbook members will learn about marketing and business, copy writing, photography, and interviewing. A strong leadership quality is an asset.

Activities include: fundraiser to reduce the cost of publishing the yearbook.

Procedure for Joining: Juniors and seniors may enroll in the Advanced Journalism Yearbook Class, during scheduling. Credit is given as an elective.

Time Commitment: Students generally meet during assigned class time.

Activity Time Period: All year

*Please contact Mr. Stephan for information on purchasing the yearbook.