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Mr. Michael Kawa, Activities Director

Ms. Pia Moore, Activities/ Athletics Secretary
Phone: (708) 585-1036


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Why should you join an activity?

Students’ high school experiences are about so much more than academics. When students join a club, the:

  • become a part of a group of like-minded peers
  • learn valuable skills
  • find outlets to express themselves artistically
  • learn leadership skills
  • learn how to create, plan, and host events
  • have opportunities to compete against other schools. Students network and create lasting relationships with peers.

Students should take some time to look at each or our clubs’ pages and videos to see which clubs they would like to join.

Famous Americans that were involved in Activities in their high schools:

  • Students Government (Boards & Student Council)
    • Halle Berry
    • Ronald Reagan
    • Malcom X
    • Brad Pitt
    • Richard Nixon
    • Oprah Winfrey
  • NHS
    • Chadwick Boseman
    • Gloria Estefan
    • Jerome Bettis
    • Taylor Swift
    • Fitzgerald-Brown
    • Benita
    • Pat Sajak
    • Tina Fey
    • Gerald Ford
  • Band, Choir, or Orchestra
    • Vince Carter
    • Lionel Richie
    • Aretha Franklin
    • Elton John
    • Bill Clinton
    • Nelly Furtado
    • Samuel L. Jackson
    • Barak Obama
  • Drama
    • Ashton Kutcher
    • Lady Gaga
    • Will Ferrell
    • Denzel Washington
    • Jessica Alba
    • Morgan Freeman

Click on the links located on the right hand side of this site to view the various clubs and activities offered at TF North.

Future Teachers


Monogram Club
Stars Girls Club


Chess, History Club, Peer Mediators, PRIDE
Best Buddies
Student Equity and Leadership Club


Dreamers Club
Literary Magazine, Student Action Team, Visual Arts Club


Peer Mediators, Scholastic Bowl, Mathletes, Science/ Environmental Club




Freshman-Sophomore Board, Junior Board, Senior Board, Student Council