Health/Physical Education

Health Department


Health education builds students' knowledge, skills and positive attitudes about health.  Focus in the classroom will be on physical, mental, emotional and social health.  Students will have the knowledge to make positive choices on maintaining their health, prevent disease and reduce risky behaviors.


Physical Education Department


Our goal is to develop physically literate students that have skills to establish healthy habits now and post high school.  Students will also develop social values (sportsmanship, teamwork, and cooperation) and critical thinking skills through athletic and recreational activities that can be beneficial in adult life. 



  • Foundations of PE (9th)
  • Team Sports
  • Recreational Sports
  • Aerobics and Fitness
  • Leadership Training
  • Advanced Aerobics (pre requisite Aerobics and Fitness)
  • Weight Training
  • Advanced Weight Training (pre-requisite:  Weight Training or recommendation from a PE teacher or Athletic Department)


James Ensalaco
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Tyler Fortier
Phone:  (708) 585-1089

David Hamilton
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Shannon Krzeminski
Phone:  (708) 585-1071

Anthony Lorenzatti
Phone:  (708) 585-7023

Allison Lukaszewski
Phone:  (708) 585-1121

Ann Pittman, Team Lead
Phone:  (708) 585-1045