Thornton Fractional North Bookstore

Ms. Kerry Schuldes, Interim Bookstore Manager
Room 105
Phone:  (708) 585-1002

2020-2021 School Year Student Fees 

Description Amount Frequency
Textbook Rental Fee $110 All students / Per year
General & Curriculum Fee $100 All students / Per year
Behind the Wheel Instruction Fee $275 All course enrollees
Technology Fee $15 All students / Per year
Senior Fee $50 Seniors only

Other Fees

Description Amount Frequency
Credit Recovery $70 Per class
Student Lunch Fee Free Per lunch
Waiver of Fees

District 215 will provide financial relief for those qualified under  the Federal Free and Reduced Lunch Program, limited to the following items.  (Regular School Year Only)

  1. Textbooks and workbooks for scheduled classes  (Free & Reduced) 
  2. General & Curriculum Fee (Free Only)
  3. Driver Training Fee, excluding State Permit Fee  (Free Only)
  4. Student Lunch Fee  (Free = free, Reduced = $.40)
  5. Reduced lunch waiver waives the book rental fee (only).
  6. Full lunch waiver waives the book rental fee, the general curriculum fee and, if applicable, the driver's education fee.
  7. The senior graduation fee is NOT waived.
  8. The technology fee is NOT waived. 
  9. The lunch waiver must be applied for each year the student is in attendance. The lunch waiver program is managed by the TF North Guidance Office.
  10. Each student is responsible for their textbooks and parents/guardians are responsible for paying all fees.
Lost or Damaged Books

If a student's book is lost, the student must pay the replacement cost of the book. If the book is severely damaged or defaced, the student is responsible for the replacement of the book.

Book Return

Please return all textbooks not being used to the bookstore.

At the end of the school year:

  • Seniors are responsible for returning all their textbooks to the bookstore in order to clear their accounts.
  • Freshman, sophomores, and juniors may leave their textbooks in any classroom.