Discipline Policy

Discipline Policy

Student Discipline Procedures

The following disciplinary actions will be used in Thornton Fractional high schools; however, occasions might arise in which it would be necessary for the deans to use their own discretion in disciplinary measures. The latitude of disciplinary assignments is from one detention to ten days out-of-school suspension. No corporal punishment will be administered. Faculty and staff may use reasonable means, as needed, to maintain safety, self defense or defense of property and may remove students from the classroom for disruptive behavior. The use of other types of sanctions varies with the nature of the offense.

More severe discipline may be administered for infractions directed against school personnel, agents of the school, or agents property and/or for infractions occurring in places other than in the classroom.

Corporal Punishment

Corporal punishment is prohibited in District 215.

Due Process

The school has the responsibility to see that due process is practiced at all times and to insist that the individual rights of all students are preserved.

A student must be provided with the following due process in connection with any suspension from school:

1. Oral or written notice of the charges and explanation of evidence supporting the charges

2. If the charges are denied, a student must be given an opportunity to explain his version of the events to the suspending school official.

3. The suspension (except from riding a bus for safety reasons) may not exceed 10 days.

4. All prudent and reasonable attempts will be made to have a student's parents or guardian immediately receive a report of the suspension with a statement of the reason(s) for it and a notice of right to review/hearing.

5. A formal letter of suspension will follow that includes a notice of right to a review / hearing.

6. If a hearing is requested, the parents or guardian may appear and may discuss the suspension with the Board or its hearing officer.

7. Any decision rendered must be based upon the evidence.

8. With respect to any suspension invoked, the student has a right to be informed of the beginning and ending dates.

The rules regulating the suspension of a student identified as in need of special education are different, and disposition will depend upon the facts presented in each case.

In all cases of administrative recommendation for expulsion, a hearing shall be conducted by the Board of Education or their designee, which provides an opportunity for the student and his/her parents to exercise their right of due process. The Board of Education shall base its decision only on evidence presented at the hearing.

The following procedures will be followed for both suspension and expulsion hearings:

1. Parent or guardian will be requested to be present at the hearing

2. The student and parent will be given an opportunity to give their version of the facts. They are allowed to offer the testimony of other witnesses and other evidence.

3. The student will be allowed to know of evidence offered against him/her.

4. A record shall be kept of the hearing.

5. The Board of Education will, within a reasonable time after the hearing, notify the parent or guardian of its decision. The notice will be in writing and state whether or not the student is guilty of the conduct charged and what disciplinary action will be taken by the Board.

Peer (Student) Mediation

The Thornton Fractional Peer Mediators attempt to resolve problems between students with a minimum amount of intervention by school personnel. Students who are made to feel uneasy by the actions of other students may request mediation through the deans, social worker or counselors. The Student Mediation process involves the invitation of the affected parties to participate in mediation. Students may elect to have either adult or student mediators. Trained student mediators question the disputants on the nature and causes of their disagreement. The mediators look for a solution to the problem which will resolve the concerns of all parties. The final resolution is written as a contract between the disputants. In the event that mediation fails (i.e. a fight occurs), the disputants will be referred to the deans.


Students may be detained beyond regular school hours or be required to come before regular school hours or on non-school day hours in order to help them improve their academic achievement to counsel them on their deportment; and make up school work missed because of tardiness, absence or inattention. Students are expected to make arrangements to attend.

Detentions are designed to allow the student a continuous educational process; failure to attend detentions will be considered as insubordination.

Teacher Detentions (20-25 minutes)

When assigning student detentions, teachers give the student a detention slip that allows for overnight notice and parent notification. Teachers will be responsible for their own detentions. Failure to serve a teacher detention will result in further disciplinary action.

Dean's Detention

Dean detentions are served after school. An assigned student is given written notice as to the date, time, place, and expectations. Failure to serve or removal from a Dean detention will result in further disciplinary action.

In-School Suspension (ISS)

*The Freshmen Academy does not provide ISS for students enrolled in the program.

In-School Suspension (ISS) is served at the school building in a designated room, supervised by a certified staff member for a specified time period. District 215 believes attendance and in school is directly related to students becoming independent, confident and continuous learners and recognizes that a significant number of students are failing due to attendance and/or discipline problems that are escalated by out-of-school suspensions. The ISS program, as an alternative program to out-of-school suspensions, will allow students to receive academic credit during the school day. A student is allowed only 10 days per semester in the ISS program. The days in the alternative program do not count as out-of-school suspension days. Students in ISS are not allowed to attend extracurricular activities on the day of the assigned ISS. Students are required to abide by the School Discipline Code and follow the rules as outlined by ISS supervisor while in attendance. Students who violate any of the rules will be removed from the in-school room and an out-of-school suspension will replace the original consequence. Disciplinary infractions that constitute placement in the ISS program will be determined by the school administration and the Deans' Office. Failure to complete an ISS assignment will result in an out-of-school suspension and ISS placement will be forfeited.

Out-of-School Suspension (OSS)

Students who present a problem of misconduct or consistent violations of rules may be suspended from school for a period of up to ten days. When a student is suspended, his/her parents will be notified as quickly as possible. A parent conference may be required at the discretion of the Dean. During an out-of-school suspension, it is the students' responsibility to request any missed work. Students may earn half credit for any missed daily assignments. Exceptions to this include: major projects, unit exams, and/or grading period exams which will be made up for full credit.


There are offenses of such a nature that will result in immediate suspension and recommendation for probable expulsion.

The parent will be notified by letter of the time and place of the hearing before the Board and the right to be represented by counsel.


Students guilty of flagrant or chronic violation(s) of the rules or gross disobedience or misconduct will be recommended for expulsion. These offenses are defined as, but not limited to, any conduct, behavior, or activity which causes, (or reasonably leads school authorities to believe may occur) substantial injury or disruption, or material interference with school activities or the rights of other students or school personnel. School Board Policy Number 5079.

Students receiving more than 13 days of out-of-school suspensions in any school year may be recommended for expulsion. School Board Policy Number 5079.1

The parents will be notified by letter of the time and place of the Board hearing and of the right to be represented by counsel.