Student Email

District 215 Student Email Accounts


Email Instructions:

Your student email address begins with the letter N plus your school ID number and is followed by


Your password is your birth date (made up of only six numbers), formatted like this – mmddyy - with a preceding 0 for single digits.

                     Example: a student with a birth date of May 2, 2005 would have a password of 050205.

Email Link:

Click on the following link to enter your Student Portal. Find & click the email icon. You will be able to come back to this page and see the above instructions.



How to attach a document, PowerPoint, or other file to email to someone:

  1. First you must SAVE the item you wish to send.
  2. While logged in to your school email, click New Message (toward top left of your screen).
  3. Click Attach (red oval below) or the tiny paper clip. 
  4. Click Browse this computer
  5. Go find the item where you saved it (from step 1).
  6. On the To: line (purple oval below), type in the email address of the person to whom you wish to send the email.
  7. On the Add a subject line (green oval below) type the topic of the email so the recipient has a general idea of what the email is about.
  8. In the message field (blue box below), type any additional information that you want included in the message.
  9. Click Send (black circle below).