Web 2.0 Teaching and Learning Tools

Classroom Learning Platforms

  • Schoology: Teachers can use this tool to share their instructional resources and connect with other educators.


Grammar Help

  • Grammarly: Several universities use this tool as a grammar checker. Students can use this as a method to improve the process of peer editing because it checks for more than 250 points of grammar.



  • Erasures: Lets you create a version of “Blackout Poetry” online. You can learn more about Blackout Poetry here.
  • StoryShares: Lets teachers create virtual classrooms for free and offers a collection of books that students can read. Even better, there’s an option that provides audio of the text in a pleasing-to-the-ear-voice. The best part of the site, though, is that students can also write and publish their own books to share.


Mapping (Mind & Geographic)

  • Mindomo: Mindmapping is a highly productive method of visual brainstorming that you can use to plan projects or to map out a knowledge base. Mindomo has an interface and feature set that rivals other free standalone mind-mapping applications such as Freemind. Maps are shareable but require you to register and login to save them.
  • Sketchboard is an online whiteboard where users can draw collaboratively.
  • StepMap: StepMap enables you to create personal, interactive and individual maps for topics of your choice. You can add various pieces of information such as images, videos, descriptions, audio files and more to any location on the map. Routes can be added, areas marked and icons placed.
  • Web Whiteboard is a nice online collaborative..whiteboard.


Presentation Tools

  • Anchor: The easiest way to start a podcast. Ever. Record a high-quality podcast, host unlimited episodes, and distribute everywhere with just one click, all 100% free.
  • CuePrompter: This free service allows teachers to use their browser as a teleprompter. All users have to do is write or cut and paste their script online and press a button to start the prompter.
  • Piktochart: Infographics creator. Present your information visually with posters, flyers, and reports. Add your own images or use their huge stock. Super easy to use. Watch demo here.
  • Prezi: Teachers and students can use this presentation tool to organize and share ideas with other educators.
  • StoryboardThat: Forcreating storyboards for small projects. Great for comics, school projects, blog content & infographics. Free Edition Available! You can create two storyboards per week for free, or upgrade any time for more advanced features.


Quiz Generators & Study Tools

  • Charles Kelley Quiz Generator: Create multiple choice or bilingual tests. Though some of the quizzes generated here can only be used on this website, others can be put on your own website.
  • Cram: Online flashcards are a great way to study! For students AND teachers, Cram is your number one online educational resource. We have a wide selection of flashcards for you to study, memorize, test yourself on, and more. Learn a foreign language, practice your multiplication table or prepare for your MCAT by memorizing every bone in the body. Whatever it is you want to learn, Cram has you covered. FREE accounts! (Search dycath to see Ms. DeSoto's sets!)
  • MangaHigh: Game-based tool to teach math concepts to their students. The best part: it’s absolutely free!
  • Quizlet: We do this by making it simple for students and teachers to create and share online learning materials. Starting with a simple online learning tool, Quizlet today offers tools for students to make flashcards, practice spelling, play learning games, test their knowledge, collaborate with other students, and more. (Search ddesoto to see Ms. DeSoto's sets!)
  • Quiznetic: A Kahoot-like tool that lets you create learning games in various racing forms. Students can then “race” each other in answering the questions and see their positions. It appears to be free, and seems simple to use.
  • QuizPedia lets you – or students – easily create…quizzes.
  • Review Game Zone: Contains online school games for kids. Students can play FREE, fun and interactive games to help prepare for exams, tests, and quizzes. Teachers and educators can turn online educational tests and quizzes into games directly from their browser to be used as review. (Search teacher dycath for Ms. DeSoto's sets!)
  • VocabTest.com: For teachers AND students, Vocab Test.com offers free vocabulary practice activities and tests, which are the best way to boost your verbal skills. Simply make your own quiz using the new words you want to master! We also have tests over Common Prefixes and Suffixes to help you decipher new words based on their word parts. Whether you're cramming for English class, honing your SAT Vocabulary skills, or just plain bored, the SAT Vocabulary Word Tests at Vocab Test.com will help! (Search Test ID 251949, 246746, or 246170 for Ms. DeSoto's sets!)
  • VocabularySpellingCity: VocabularySpellingCity® is dedicated to helping students, teachers, parent-teachers, and school systems. VocabularySpellingCity is an award-winning site with ongoing introduction of new features, many based on input from existing users. Our mission: efficient game-based study of literacy skills using any word list. (Search teacher dycath for Ms. DeSoto's son's word lists.)


Video Creation

  • Animoto: This web tool completely simplifies the creation and sharing of videos. Teachers will have no trouble creating lesson plans or presentations for students.