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Dawn L. Walker

Dear CAL Family,

Welcome to the Thornton Fractional Center for Alternative Learning website.  I am excited to share the positive initiatives that are occurring at our campus.  The CAL Team prides itself on creating a culture of community; an opportunity for restoration.  The building was designed to provide an individualized learning experience for students who are credit deficient and who were removed from the home campuses in lieu of expulsion.  We epitomize the phrase “no child left behind”. 

The CAL program consist of virtual learning partnered with social emotional learning within the classroom.  We embrace restorative practices as a means of communication and redirection.  We are guided by four principles: respect, pride, focus and responsibility. 

The CAL Team is a unique group of individuals with over 20 years of educational experience.  We are patient, understanding, committed and passionate about working with at risk students.  I am honored to be part of TEAM CAL.

Yours in educational partnership,

Dawn L. Walker