Special Education

Special Education Department

In the Special Education Department, a full case study evaluation and a comprehensive multidisciplinary conference determine Special Education eligibility. If a student is found eligible, an Individual Education Program is developed. These programs are designed to meet the specific academic, behavioral, and learning needs of the student while placing them in the most appropriate and least restrictive environment. The goal is to ensure that all students with disabilities have access to appropriate public education that emphasizes special education and related services that are designed to meet their unique needs and prepare them for employment and independent living.


  • SOAR

    • Classes are led by a special education teacher and paraprofessional, and students remain with the same team of professionals throughout most of the day. The SOAR program is a significantly modified program that combines traditional academics with functional skill instruction. Academic content is supplemented with learning experiences designed to enhance students' social-emotional, independent living and adaptive skill development.​​

    • The SUCCESS Program serves students from both North and South, and is the district's most substantially-modified program. Students in the SUCCESS Program work on functional academic skills in the classroom - with opportunities to generalize these skills in authentic settings through community-based instruction. Embedded within the SUCCESS Program's curriculum are opportunities for students to develop social, independent living and adaptive skills.​

  • Instructional

    • ​​​​​​​Classes are led by a special education teacher and paraprofessional. The instructional program is designed to enhance specific supports for students while giving them proper modifications to access the general curriculum.

  • Co-Taught

    • Classes are led by a general education teacher and special education teacher. Special educators support students through Specially Designed Instruction (SDI) in order to create an inclusive classroom structure.

Related Services


  • Social Work
  • Speech and Language
  • Psychological Services
  • Counseling & Health Services


Matthew Cervantes
Phone:  (708) 585-1149
Email: mcervantes@tfd215.org

Laura Cook
Phone:  (708) 585-1125
Email: lcook@tfd215.org

Roshunda Cook
Phone:  (708) 585-7046
Email: rcook@tfd215.org

Genevieve Correa
Phone:  (708) 585-1181
Email: gcorrea@tfd215.org

Stephanie Kauffmann
Phone:  (708) 585-7040
Email: skauffmann@tfd215.org

Rindi Leslie
Phone:  (708) 585-1111
Email: rleslie@tfd215.org

Jacqueline Margraff-Spilde
Phone: (708) 585-1125
Email: jmargraff-spilde@tfd215.org

Mark McDaniel
Phone:  (708) 585-7020
Email: mmcdaniel@tfd215.org

Rebecca Moss, Department Chair
Phone:  (708) 585-1055
Email: rmoss@tfd215.org

Hyrin Owens
Phone:  (708) 585-1026
Email: howens@tfd215.org

Anthony Pignatiello
Phone:  (708) 585-7025
Email: apignatiello@tfd215.org

Samantha Rosell
Phone:  (708) 585-1128
Email: srosell@tfd215.org

Chad Spilde
Phone:  (708) 585-1149
Email: cspilde@tfd215.org

Elizabeth Stramaglia
Phone:  (708) 585-1025
Email: estramaglia@tfd215.org

TaShara Tate, Student Services Coordinator
Phone:  (708) 585-1025
Email: ttate@tfd215.org

Richard Watson
Phone:  (708) 585-7049
Email: rwatson@tfd215.org

Rebecca Watt
Phone:  (708) 585-1139
Email: rwatt@tfd215.org

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