Learning Resource Center Hours & Procedures

  • The LRC is open daily during lunch periods and most days after school until 4:30 PM (unless the space is being used for a special event or the librarian is unavailable.)
    • Students coming during one of their scheduled class times must have a SIGNED PASS from that period's teacher.
    • Students coming during their lunch period must first swipe in at lunch and then obtain an LRC PASS from the cafeteria attendant.
    • Students must check in and swipe their IDs at the front desk.
    • When students come to the LRC as a class, they do not need to swipe in or have a pass as long as their teacher is with them.

How To Find a Book

See if TF North has a book!

  • The link above is one way for you to search for a book that is in our LRC. You can search by title, author, topic, etc.
  • Once you find books that you like, please come see Ms. DeSoto in the LRC (pass required) to check them out.
  • If you need assistance finding a book, (whether you know the title, author, topic, etc. or not) feel free to come by the LRC (pass required) or complete this form so Ms. DeSoto can match you up with the right book.

Library Book Request

Coming to the LRC

When you come to the LRC to find a book, feel free to go to the shelves and peruse the thousands of books available to you.

If you need help, ask Ms. DeSoto. She will ask you a few simple questions so that she can make suggestions based on your interests and needs.

When You Consider a Book


  • Consider the title.
  • Consider the cover.
    • Remember to read the back and/or inside cover.
      • If you're not interested in a book you pull off the shelf, simply place it in the empty space to the right of where you pulled it and Ms. DeSoto/ the library attendant will be happy to put it back where it goes.

To Check Out a Book

To check out a book, see the librarian/ library attendant at the front desk with your school ID (or tell them your ID number).

  • Take note of the DUE DATE so that you can return the book on time and not accrue late fines.

Book Returns

When you return your book, give it to the librarian/ library attendant at the front desk.

  • Do NOT just leave it on the desk or put it back on the shelf. It will have to be scanned back in so that you are no longer responsible for it and won't be charged for its replacement.
  • If you don't finish a book before the due date, see Ms. DeSoto or the library attendant and they will be happy to renew it for you without penalty.

One Last Important Thing!

When you check a book out, start reading it within 24 hours. If you get to page 15 and you really do not like it, simply bring it back and find something else. We all have different interests and not every book is for every person. So even if someone suggested a book for you, it may not be your style and that is totally fine. Just come and we can find you something else, as many times as it takes.

  • Don't forget to hand it to Ms. DeSoto or the library attendant at the front desk when you return it so you do not get charged for it.
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  • High school Spanish teacher since January 1995
  • TF North Spanish teacher since 2001
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