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Interrelated Cooperative Education (ICE Class)
Prerequisite: None                              
Open to: 12
Length: 1 Year                                                  
Credit: 2

Interrelated Cooperative Education (ICE) is a two-part program, (1) classroom preparation and (2) work or volunteer experience; designed to prepare students for the world of work. Experience will be gained through employment or volunteer service.  Additional opportunities for experience include job shadows, and meaningful field trips. Every experience is related to animated classroom discussions, projects, and presentations. The overall objective of this program is to provide an opportunity for students to acquire marketable skills and knowledge for their future career path.

Students will:

  • Use their prepared written materials necessary for job-hunting, including applications, résumés, and cover letters.
  • Apply interview strategies for each interview opportunity: anticipating and answering typical, situational and tough interview questions.
  • Apply proper methods of accepting and rejecting employment.
  • Understand company policies and payment procedures as well as explain benefits that employers offer workers.
  • Apply transferable skills as they become employed or volunteer for various companies.
  • Become financially literate in the areas of:  checking/savings accounts, budgets, credit cards, and taxes

Professional Development for the 21st Century Success (PD 21)
Prerequisite: None                                                      
Open to:  12
Length: 1 semester                                                       
Credit: .5
Many students enter senior year of high school not knowing which career field they would like to pursue after graduation. Professional Development for 21st Century Success is a unique program designed to assist students in self reflection and self assessment giving each student an opportunity to:

1.      Make confident decisions about future careers
2.      Strengthen professionalism skills; and
3.      Develop career-building strategies.

Extensive instruction on developing electronic, traditional and Web resumes as well as cover letters, and successful interviewing strategies are main priorities in this course.  Multiple guest speakers will provide insight into a variety of topics related to the students’ career, personal and professional management.  Students will use a variety of technology and software to help them find the right career, explore different career options, or plan future education and training. Consistent emphasis will also be placed on personal development while each student will be given the opportunity to develop the necessary skills to build important professional qualities such as image building, team building, interpersonal skills, critical thinking and decision making skills, as well as a strong work ethic.

College Step-up Program
Prerequisite: Employed      
Open to: 12
Length: Semester                                             
Credit: .5 each semester

Seniors have an opportunity to earn up to 12 college credits tuition free or at a reduced tuition cost.  District 215 has partnered with South Suburban College to offer this unique opportunity for our senior students.  Seniors can potentially earn up to 12 college credits at a fraction of the cost you would pay your freshmen year in college.

The student’s first course at SSC will be tuition free.  If the student chooses to take a second course in the same semester they will pay only 1/3 of the tuition.  SSC will discount the tuition by 1/3 and District 215 will pay 1/3 of the tuition.

If the student earns an A or B in one of the courses they can enroll in the next semester for one course tuition free and a second course at the reduced tuition rate.  A senior student at District 215 can graduate with potentially 12 college credits already completed.

*Student must test into a 100 level course to qualify for the tuition waivers.
*Student fees and books are to be paid for by the student/parent.