Dress Code

The school expects all students to dress in a manner that is appropriate for a school day and which will not substantially disrupt the educational process and climate or be a safety or health concern. Clothing must be worn in such a way that genitals, buttocks, and breasts are fully covered with opaque fabric. At a minimum all students must wear the following: A shirt (with fabric in the front, back, and on the sides under the arms), AND pants/jeans or the equivalent (for example, a skirt, sweatpants, leggings, a dress or shorts), AND shoes.


STUDENTS MAY WEAR, as long as these items do not violate the definition above:

• Head coverings must allow the face to be visible to staff, and not interfere with the line of sight of any student or staff.

• Religious headwear.

• Fitted pants, including opaque leggings, yoga pants and “skinny jeans.”

• Ripped jeans, as long as underwear and buttocks are not exposed.

• Tank tops, including spaghetti straps.

• Athletic attire.



• Clothing with violent language or images.

• Images or language depicting drugs or alcohol (or any illegal item or activity).

• Hate speech, profanity, pornography.

• Images or language that creates a hostile or intimidating environment based on any protected class or consistently marginalized groups.

• Any clothing that reveals visible undergarments

• Accessories that could be considered dangerous or could be used as a weapon.

• Any item that obscures the face or ears (except as a religious observance),    including hoods.

• Outerwear – coats, lined jackets, lined hoodies, vests, gloves, scarves, sunglasses,    backpacks, over-sized purses, book bags and sports bags.


This is not an all-inclusive list. Administrative discretion will apply in all cases.