South Africa of Today Research Presentation

For your required sources, we have found some websites to get you started. You do NOT have to use one from this list. Be sure, whatever article you use, you follow the "Annotation of research" step of the assignment.

General Apartheid Information

Apartheid and Education

The effects of apartheid’s unequal education system can still be felt today

Bantu education

Unequal Education: apartheid's legacy

Apartheid and the Arts

Apartheid's artistic legacy

The Sounds of Resistance: The Role of Music in South Africa's Anti-Apartheid Movement

Acting against apartheid: the enduring power of South African protest theatre

Apartheid and Housing

South Africa's housing crisis: A remnant of apartheid

Urban Residential Segregation under Apartheid

South Africa urgently needs to rethink its approach to housing

Apartheid and Health Care

Health and Health Care in South Africa — 20 Years after Mandela

South Africa’s Return to Primary Care: The Struggles and Strides of the Primary Health Care System

Health Care Access for Poor in South Africa Still Lags Behind

Apartheid and the Economy

End of Apartheid in South Africa? Not in Economic Terms

South Africa’s Key economic policies changes (1994 - 2013)

Apartheid: The Concise Encyclopedia of Economics

Apartheid and the Environment

How apartheid is destroying South Africa’s environment

Apartheid Devastating South African Environment

South Africa: Environmental Issues, Policies and Clean Technology

Apartheid and International Relations

South Africa’s Foreign Relations during Apartheid, 1948

Anti-Apartheid Struggle - 1974-89 - International Pressure

South Africa: Relations with Other Countries

Apartheid and Technology

Science and Technology

South African science is making its mark – but still has a way to go

Apps for Africa: Can SA Tech Up? (Requires EBSCO Login)

Apartheid and the Military

Once a major continental force, South Africa's military at a crossroads

From bully boys to wimps: the decline of SA's military

The militarization of the South African state

Apartheid and the Government

The National Party, Apartheid and the Anatomy of Repression in South Africa, 1948-1994

20 Years After Apartheid, South Africa Asks, 'How Are We Doing?'

Apartheid: Facts and Summary