With the rapid and continually accelerating rate of change in the modern world, today's student must be prepared to adapt to many new situations. Among these are changes in technology, society, the work environment, the home, and education. Research indicates that a strong command of the English language is essential to success in all of these areas of endeavor. The English program at Thornton Fractional District 215 is devoted to the development of competency in reading, writing, listening, speaking, vocabulary and critical thinking--intrinsic aspects of any effective English curriculum.

In addition, the department emphasizes the development of a sense of civic and social responsibility, as well as fostering a better understanding of self and others. Only by directing conscientious effort toward all of these concerns can a student truly maximize his or her potential, for English is the key to all learning and understanding as well as the instrument which transmits our cultural heritage.

Michael Brown
English Teacher
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English Teacher
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Randi Feltz
English Teacher
Jeanne Flynn
English Teacher
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Matthew Gallagher
English Teacher
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Christopher Jones
English Teacher
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Julie Kelly
English Teacher
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Gloria Kijewski
English Teacher
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Jodi Marshall
English Learner Specialist
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Jaimie Metoyer
English Teacher
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Deborah Murtaugh
English Teacher
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Tricia O'Connor
English Teacher
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Tony Paulauski
English Teacher
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English Teacher
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Guadalupe Ramirez
English Teacher
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Douglas Schlesser
English Teacher
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Christopher Simich
English Teacher
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Nicole Streit
Activities Director/English Teacher
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Ann Wolpert
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