Principal’s Message

June 2019

Dear Parents and Community Members,

Reading for enjoyment is a priceless pastime that people of all ages enjoy.  To cultivate this in our students, the TFS English Department will again require Summer Reading for all students.  Each student is responsible for reading one book over the summer.  The student may choose which book to read from the list available on our website.  During the first two weeks of school, English teachers will be giving an in-class response prompt that assesses comprehension of the book.  Later in the first two weeks, students may also work on a project that stems from the book's content.   Honors and AP students have required reading that differs from those students not enrolled in Honors or AP classes.  Teachers have explained and distributed the specific assignments to all students.

All summer reading grades will be included in the first grading period.  Students transferring into the district after the end of the first quarter will not be required to take the summer reading assessment/assignment.  All transfer students who arrive during the first quarter will be required to complete the assessment and assignment. 

The English Department and Library Director came together to select the required books based on Illinois State Library's Read for a Lifetime booklist. We feel they are interesting, insightful, and engaging for teens.  Please take a moment to look over the book selections.  These books may be found in a variety of locations and students are NOT required to purchase them.  The Lansing and Glenwood/Lynwood Libraries both have multiple copies of each title.

To view the complete summer reading information, please click here.  We wish each and every one of you an enjoyable and relaxing summer.


Jacob M. Gourley, Principal


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