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The following practices are followed for Textbooks/Fees:

A Textbook Rental fee of $115.00 is charged to each student. Fees cover all textbooks. Students who register for school for a semester only will be charged the textbook rental fee of $57.50.

A General Curriculum fee of $150.00 is charged to each student. Students who register for school for a semester only will be charged the general curriculum fee of $75.00.

A Technology Fee of $15.00 is charged to each student (this fee cannot be waived).   

A Drivers Education "Behind the Wheel" instruction fee of $250.00 is charged to only those students who sign-up and receive Drivers Education.

A Senior fee is charged to each senior student (this fee cannot be waived).  The 2020 Senior fee is to be determined. 

Each student is responsible for their textbooks and parents are responsible for paying all fees.

Any student/parent who makes a payment in the form of a check and the check is returned a $25.00 insufficient fund fee is applied to the student’s account. The amount that the check was written for will also be reapplied to the students account. Also we will report the parent/student to the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office for the “Bad Check Restitution Program” and checks will no longer be received as a form of payment.

The Textbook Rental fee, Drivers Education fee, excluding the Secretary of State Permit fees and the General Curriculum fees are waived for students who qualify for the free lunch program. Students who qualify for the reduced lunch program may have their Textbook fees only waived.  The Technology fee and Senior fee are not eligible to be waived under the free or reduced lunch program.

Students who obtain schedule changes during a term must return any books checked out to them in the dropped course before obtaining books for the added course.

If a student’s book is lost, the student must pay the replacement fee for the book. If the book is severely damaged, defaced and/or the bar code labels are removed from the book, students are responsible for these fees as well. Replacement books are not issued until students pay for the lost titles. All books are subject to different cost.

Students must return all textbooks to the bookstore prior to the end of the semester if that course ends. When students return to school in the fall semester, they must have all charges cleared against their account. If they have not returned their books, they will be charged the replacement costs and be referred to the* collection system.

Collection System for Non-Payment of Monies Owed to District 215
*Debts not completely paid by November 15th or within ninety days are referred to the collection system Any student with unpaid debt will not be eligible to participate in the graduation ceremony.