• All students, Instructional Materials: $125.00
  • All students, General and Curriculum: $150.00
  • Driver Education, Driver Training Behind the Wheel Course: $250.00
    • (Secretary of State Permit fee – paid later): TBD
  • Seniors, Senior fee (charged to each senior student; this fee cannot be waived): $50.00 
  • Seniors, Cap and Gown (in addition to Senior Fee): TBD (Paid to Balfour)
  • Other:
    • ​​​Technology Fee: $ 25.00
    • Credit Recovery (one class) $140.00

District 215 will provide financial relief for those qualified under the Federal Free and Reduced lunch program, limited to the following items (regular school year only): 

Textbooks and workbooks for scheduled classes (free and reduced) 

General and Curriculum Fee (free only) 

Driver Training Behind the Wheel Course, excluding state permit fee (free only) 

At no time will the Technology or Senior fee be waived.  Fees for summer school, VSA, damaged library books, and Credit Recovery classes cannot be waived.

Book Fee Waiver Applications are part of the online registration process. In order to be considered for this waiver, please do not skip this section.

The following policies will be in effect for student textbooks:

An Instructional Material fee of $125.00 will be charged to each student. This fee will cover textbooks.

Each student/parent will continue to be responsible for paying all other fees.

After completing the online registration process, there will be a link that will lead you to the Free/Reduced Application. For those who qualify as “Free,” the Instructional Material Fee and General & Curriculum Fee will be waived. Those who qualify as “Reduced,” will receive a waiver for the Instructional Material but will still be obligated to pay the General & Curriculum Fee.

Regardless of your student’s status (full pay, reduced or free) the Technology Fee will not be waived.

A student/parent must pay the replacement cost of a rental book if the student loses the book, severely damages the book, or defaces or removes the bar code label. If a book needs to be replaced due to loss or damage, the student/parent will be responsible for the full replacement cost. Unpaid charges will be added to the student’s account.

Each student must return all textbooks to the bookstore prior to the end of the semester when the course ends for the student.

A student who obtains schedule changes during a term must return any books issued to him/her for the dropped course before obtaining books for the added course.

District 215 is participating in the State of Illinois “Loan of Textbooks” Program (Illinois Public Act 79961). Students and parents will be responsible for the condition of the issued state loan books. Parents must pay the cost of books not returned or that are returned in poor condition. Students are responsible for the care of their books.

For your convenience, acceptable forms of payment include cash, personal check, Visa or MasterCard. Payment by cash is encouraged for book rental and course fees. If you pay with a check, it should be made payable to T.F. South High School. A $25 service charge will be applied to all checks that are returned “Non-Sufficient Funds.” The remaining balance must be paid in cash or by money order. Charges for damaged and/or lost books from the 2023/2024 school year will be added to the 2024/2025 fee statement and will be due at registration.