The Deans’ Office at Thornton Fractional South High School is committed to protect the welfare of the school community, as well as empower all students to develop self discipline. 

Our vision is to be proactive in providing a safe and secure learning environment for the school community.  It is our responsibility to ensure every student understands the rules and expectations set forth by District 215.  We have implemented strategies and procedures that promote high expectations for our students’ conduct to ensure school safety and discipline.  We are also committed to creating a positive learning environment by maintaining an open line of communication with staff, parents, community agencies, and police authorities.

Items ARE NOT accepted at the front desk for delivery to students (electronics, money, outside food, homework/classwork, keys, sports uniforms, etc).  You may give items to students during their five minute passing period only.

The times are as follows:

9:20; 10:25; 11:25; 12:25; 1:25; and 2:25

9:05; 9:55; 10:40; 11:25; 12:10; and 12:55

Who's my Dean?

  • Ms. Cassandra Brackenridge –(A – Fo)  Ext. #2036
  • Mr. Christopher Simich – (Fr – K)  Ext. #2164
  • Mr. Paul Massat – (L – R) Ext. #2035
  • Ms. Chelsea Taylor – (S – Z) Ext. #9753  (Interim Dean for Ms. Taylor is  Mr. Joseph Napier)

Deans' Office Staff

Asst. Principal of Building Control
Deans' Assistant
Deans' Assistant
Deans' Assistant
Deans' Assistant
Deans' Assistant
Deans' Assistant
Deans' Assistant
Deans' Assistant
Secretary for Building Control
Attendance Clerk
Police Liaison
Secretary/Asst. Principal - Building Control
In-School Coordinator