World War Two Research Project

Websites you may find useful for your World War II Research Project

The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
This site contains information on many aspects of the Holocaust, including concentration camps, ghettos, and war criminal trials.

The Nizkor Project
Nizkor is a Hebrew word meaning "we will remember."  This site has Holocaust information and some biographical information of major figures in the Holocaust.

Holocaust Cybrary
" offers contributors (survivors, liberators, historians, and teachers )a place to connect and share the best research resources and stories through art, photography, painting, audio/video, and remembrance."

Yad Vashem Holocaust Resources
The "world center for documentation, research, education and commemoration of the Holocaust".

BBC History: World War II
Information about many different battles and strategies of the war, including D-Day and the outcome of the war. World War II information
Lots of information about people in World War Two, like FDR, Hitler, and Mussolini, and information about popular themes, like Women in WWII.

Finding Magazine and Newspaper Resources for World War II

TF South subscribes to Ebsco, a database that contains articles from over 6,000 magazines and newspapers from around the world.  Ebsco also contains biographies, maps, photographs, and more.

To search Ebsco, visit and enter TF South's user name and password.  This is NOT your ID number; if you cannot remember the user name and password please email the librarian or your English teacher.  Once you are logged in, choose the Student Research Center to begin searching.

Tips for searching Ebsco:

  • Do not type a sentence in the search box.  Begin your search with one or two words, like "climate change" or "polar ice caps."
  • The more words you type in the search box, the less results you will get.
  • The result list will have a "Subject" box at the left.  Clicking on any subject in the box will narrow your search to articles with only those topics.
  • You can limit your search to only magazines, newspapers, etc. by using the tabs at the top of the screen.   

Books on World War II

TFS has a large collection on World War II. You may view these titles by clicking below.

Click here for a list of books available through TF South's library

If you are interested in a book from a public library, please consider calling the library to check availability before making the trip to pick up an item.

Click here to search Lansing Public Library's catalog
Click here to search Glenwood-Lynwood Public Library's catalog

You may also search the System-Wide Automated Network (SWAN) to find resources in Calumet City, South Holland, Chicago Heights, and many other Illinois libraries.