Athletics provide a unique teaching and learning opportunity. Coaches and athletic programs should develop good, productive citizens by enhancing the physical, social, and emotional growth of the student athlete. The student athlete should be committed to excellence in learning, personal pride, teamwork, sportsmanship, and competitiveness. Success of a program can be determined by the program’s development and growth. Standards should never be sacrificed for winning.

At South, we are fortunate to have an incredible athletic staff; one that is caring, nurturing, and teaching. A student who becomes involved in athletics/extracurricular activities is taking a step in the direction of success. The experiences a student athlete has through competition and participation will stay with them for a lifetime.

  • Athletes must pass five (5) classes from previous semester
  • Athletes must pass five (5) classes weekly
  • Athletes must have a physical exam during the current school year
  • Athletes must honor code of conduct


Why should you join an activity?

Your high school experience is not only an opportunity to prepare yourself academically for the real work, but also a chance to develop the skills necessary for success.  One way to do that is through activities.  Extracurricular activities provide an excellent environment to practice real-life situations and develop essential leadership and job skills.  We hope you will accept the challenge to reach your full potential by joining an activity!

PDF DocumentActivity Meeting Schedule
If you can't remember when your club meets, check this to find out. 

Athlete Forms

The following form must be filled out and turned in to the Athletics Office before an athlete can condition, try out, practice, or participate in any athletic sport at TF South High School.
PDF DocumentAthletic Physical Form


Contact Information

Christine Evancho - Athletic/Activities Secretary

Marc Brewe - Athletic Director
(708) 585-2063

Susan Lessner
Activities Director
(708) 585-2062

Brittany Mitacek - Athletic Trainer
(708) 585-9725