AP Chemistry Summer Work

AP Chemistry Summer Enrichment


  • Ms. McDaniel
  • Email: kmcdaniel@tfd215.org
  • Remind: Text @b7h93g7 to 81010
    • If you’re having trouble with 81010, try texting @b7h93g7 to (901) 466-8785.
  • Google Classroom Class Code: pgugv2k 

  • Try to memorize the Polyatomic ion list and metal ions:  Free app, Chemistry Formula Practice (Carolina) is fun help.  You are expected to know these ions.
  • You will need a graphing calculator. TI84 is great!
  • Join my Remind: See above.
  • Join Google Classroom: See above.
  • You can review these topics over the summer if you like.  These are the things you should come into AP Chemistry knowing:
    • Sig Figs
    • Dimensional Analysis
    • Density
    • Classification of Matter
    • History of the Atom
    • Atomic Structure
    • Periodic table and trends
    • Naming Ionic compounds, covalent compounds and acids
    • Average Atomic Mass
    • Mole conversions
    • Percentage Composition
    • Empirical Formula
    • Balancing Chemical Equations and types of reactions
    • Stoichiometry
  • If you are having difficulty with any of the concepts, you may watch the following videos to try to refresh your memory or go on my Google classroom and look at the other resources available.
  • My email address:  kmcdaniel@tfd215.org

Karla McDaniel

Science Teacher