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Ms. Cassandra Brackenridge, Work Program: Career to Work Training Coordinator

Phone: (708) 585-1098                      Email:

Ms. Jennifer Donovan, Work Program: Interrelated Cooperative Education Coordinator

Phone: (708) 585-1080                      Email:

Mr. Julian Lagunas, Work Program: Interrelated Cooperative Education Coordinator

Phone: (708) 585-1101                      Email:

Interrelated Cooperative Education (ICE Class) & Career to Work Training (CWT Class) (Seniors Only)

Thornton Fractional North offers a selection of course offerings that prepare students for post-secondary studies as well as employment skills necessary for the 21st Century. Besides developing computer technology skills, students gain work experience through the cooperative school-to-work programs.

Inter-Cooperative Education is a school/community program of career education and instruction which utilizes the personnel and facilities of the school and local employment community. Employers provide student trainees with a series of on-the-job experiences using actual conditions of employment in a selected training station. The students' classroom instruction is coordinated with their on-the-job experiences.


Interrelated Cooperative Education (ICE Class) & Career to Work Training (CWT Class)

Prerequisite: None

Open to: 12

Length: 1 Year

Credit: 2

Interrelated Cooperative Education (ICE) is a two-part program, (1) classroom preparation and (2) work or volunteer experience; designed to prepare students for the world of work. Experience will be gained through employment or volunteer service. Additional opportunities for experience include job shadows, and meaningful field trips. Every experience is related to animated classroom discussions, projects, and presentations. The overall objective of this program is to provide an opportunity for students to acquire marketable skills and knowledge for their future career path.

Students will:

• Use their prepared written materials necessary for job-hunting, including applications, résumés, and cover letters.

• Apply interview strategies for each interview opportunity: anticipating and answering typical, situational and tough interview questions.

• Apply proper methods of accepting and rejecting employment.

• Understand company policies and payment procedures as well as explain benefits that employers offer workers.

• Apply transferable skills as they become employed or volunteer for various companies.

• Become financially literate in the areas of: checking/savings accounts, budgets, credit cards, and taxes

ICE Work Program Brochure

Cooperative Work Training is a four-phased course connecting classwork, club activities, community service, and job experience. Students are interviewed by the coordinator. All those recommended by the coordinator are scheduled for the class.