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Visitors to this Web page from Time Magazine will find links to articles that discuss the Cold War, from beginning to end. The articles cover many topics, some of which are the building of the Berlin Wall, the breakdown of the Soviet Union, and life in the Communist bloc countries after the fall of the Berlin Wall. For the student who is particularly interested in studying post-cold war life in the former bloc countries, these articles provide an interesting, personal perspective on the changes that have taken place in the governments and lives of the people.

Cold War and Anti-Communism

After World War II, foreign relations between the United States and the Soviet Union dissolved into a Cold War. Anti-communism activities became the order of the day in the 1950s, as conservative politicians sought to expose Communist subversion and seditious activities. With the educational system identified as the most likely venue for Communist penetration, professors were subjected to hearings and teachers were asked about their membership in political organizations. Public workers were required to take loyalty oaths and accusations were widespread among labor unions. The Chicago Police Department collected information on more than 250,000 individuals under surveillance for Communist associations.

The Cold War

The Cold War is a term that refers to the relationship between the United States and the Soviet Union after World War II. It was a time of unfriendliness between the two countries because of their opposing political systems. There was never a military battle between the US and Soviet Union, but there were threats and a possibility of nuclear attack. Here you can read about the Korean War and American military in Korea, President John F. Kennedy and the Cuban Missile Crisis, and other topics related to the Cold War.

Cold War: A Brief History

The threat of nuclear destruction existed between the United States and the Soviet Union for more than four decades following World War II. Known as the Cold War, both superpowers lived under the shadow of thermonuclear devastation as they raced to build more powerful bombs. Find out which other world superpowers developed nuclear weapons and learn how war almost broke out during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Investigate efforts to control the arms race as the world learned more about the dangers of nuclear contamination. 

EBSCO Resources on the Cold War

EBSCO is a magazine and newspaper database with both current and historical articles, encycopedia entries, biographies, video clips, and much more.  To see what EBSCO contains on the Cold War, or to perform your own search for information, please click on this link .  

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