Superintendent's Message

October 2019


Dear #TeamPhenomenal215 Family,

It is my hope that the school year has been a positive one thus far! As we move into October, I want to share with you a priority on which I continue to focus: the importance of listening to student and parent voices.

Research is clear that student voice matters. Consider the research of John Smyth, who explored the positive contribution of student voice in an article entitled, "Educational Leadership That Fosters Student Voice." Smyth explains that inattention to soliciting the voice and input of students to improve curriculum and teaching and learning is one the most important concerns in education today.

Because we know the importance of student voice, our Board of Education held listening sessions with our students last year and will engage in a similar format this year. We’ve asked students, parents, and staff to participate in our Thought Exchange program, and many have also taken the time to email me or contact me via Twitter. In addition, I am holding two "Soup with the Superintendent" events this school year, which provide an opportunity for parents to dialogue with me in a relaxed setting. Although registration is full for the October event, we do have another event planned for later in the school year. AND, you can frequently catch me at school events!

We are still evolving, but in the end we recognize the importance of hearing from students, parents, staff, and community members.

Educationally Yours,

Teresa A. Lance, Ed.D.

Superintendent of Thornton Fractional 215