Board Committees and Notes

Board Committees

Buildings & Grounds- Chaired by Member Dust

Curriculum- Chaired by Member Dust

Equity- Chaired by Member Waller

Finance- Chaired by Member Stepp

I.T.- Chaired by Member Revis

Policy- Chaired by Member Oberman

Safety- Chaired by Member Oberman

Committee of the Whole Minutes

As of January 2020, the Board of Education will hold a monthly Committee of the Whole meeting on the 2nd Wednesday of the month.

Committee of the Whole Minutes 3.10.21

Commitee of the Whole Minutes 2.10.21

Committee of the Whole Minutes 1.13.21

Committee of the Whole Minutes 11.18.20

Committee of the Whole Minutes 10.14.20

Commitee of the Whole Minutes 9.9.20

Committee of the Whole Minutes 8.12.20

Committee of the Whole Minutes 7.15.20

Committee of the Whole Minutes 5.13.2020

Committee of the Whole Minutes 3.11.2020

Committee of the Whole Minutes 2.12.20

Committee of the Whole Minutes 1.8.2020


Building and Grounds

This committee ensures that the district's facilities are secured and well-maintained. 


  • Chair, Richard Dust
  • Member, Rita Oberman
  • Member, Patricia Stepp 

Building & Grounds / Finance / Committee Minutes  


This committee works to ensure the long-term fiscal stability of the district by providing oversight on its financial affairs and ensuring that all expenditures are allocated in the most economical, efficient manner.


  • Chair, Patricia Stepp
  • Member, Morgan Waller
  • Member, Roger Yochem

Committee Minutes for Building & Grounds / Finance  are posted under Building and Grounds above. 

School Safety 

This committee reviews, develops and maintains procedures and policy for safe and secure work environments for all students and staff.


This committee works collaboratively with our school administrators and teachers to approve new and revised curriculum and implement academic policies that ensure optimal academic performance.

  • Chair, Richard Dust
  • Member, Michael Bolz
  • Member, Roger Yochem

Curriculum Committee Minutes

Information Technology

The IT committee provides the overall strategic direction for the district with the regard to the acquisition and implementation of various technological tools that enhance teaching and learning facilitate the district's daily operations.

  • Chair, LeeAnn Revis
  • Member, Michael Bolz
  • Member, Patricia Stepp
I.T. Committee Minutes



This committee is charged with providing oversight to the identification, evaluation, review, and implementation of policies that are both reflective of district needs and are in compliance with state and federal legislation.


  • Chair, Rita Oberman
  • Member, LeeAnn Revis 
  • Member, Richard Dust

Policy Committee Minutes 

Equity Committee

This committee is charged with overseeing culture of equity in District 215, ensuring the creation and implementation of policy, the allocation of resources, and access to opportunity are intentionally aligned to meet the needs of all student groups, regardless of: race, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, ability, home or first language, religion, national origin, immigration status, age, or physical appearance.

  • Chair, Morgan Waller
  • Member, Rita Oberman
  • Member, LeeAnn Revis

Equity Committee Minutes