AHERA Annual Notification


Once a year, every school district is required to publish a notification to the public and staff that the required surveys, and re-inspections have occurred, asbestos abatement activities that have taken occurred, and location of the Asbestos Management Plans.

The Three Year Asbestos Re-inspection was completed in 2019 by a licensed Asbestos Inspector.

A copy of the AHERA Asbestos Inspection Reports and Management Plans are available for inspection at the Administration Center and each of the facilities' main office. Copies of the Asbestos Project Manager's Final Report from previous years asbestos removal work are included with the AHERA Management Plans.

In the last year the required Six Month Asbestos Review has been completed by a licensed Asbestos Inspector.

In conjunction with abatement work due to construction, asbestos containing floor tile was removed by a licensed asbestos removal contractor.