Students with disabilities have the right to receive special education services until the day before their 22nd birthday, if they have not received their diploma and the educational needs require ongoing instruction in order to transition to adult life. These students have completed four years at their respective high schools and each has a transition plan that began when they turned 14.5 years old. The transition plan is written to map out the four years in high school as they move toward their lives after high school in the areas related to education/training, employment, and independent living skills. Students are recommended for transitional services after high school when they continue to require additional support to help them in reaching their goals. The needs for each student are varied based on student-centered planning. Our students are identified with different disabilities including autism, cognitive impairment, physical disabilities, and communication needs. Their need for support also varies for each student from maximum support for safety reasons to students who are competitively employed in the community with minimal support. The main overall goal of transitional programming is to help students gain maximum independence in all areas of their lives as they move from a structured day in school into a life in the community. 


Transition planning is the student’s road map to life after high school…


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