TF South's cafeteria is open from 3rd period through 6th period.  Students spend a full 55 minute lunch break in the new, expanded dining hall.  The cafe seats over 600 students and has many new amenities.  


  • Entree of the day - $3.25 (extra entrees are $3.00 each)
  • Soup bowl with breadstick - $3.25
  • Soup in a breadbowl - $5.25
  • Salad bar - $3.25
  • Side of soup - $1.25
  • Side salad - $1.25
  • All meal options include milk (chocolate or white) and fruit

Internet Cafe

There are 20 computers available for students to use during their lunch hour.  Students can get a pass from their teacher to use the computer for typing, internet access, or printing.  There is also a lending library in the new section of the cafe.  Students can borrow a book on the honor system and return it whenever they finish.

Lunch Menu