Health / Physical Education

Health and Physical Education have unique opportunities to contribute to the objectives of education. The nearer a person reaches optimum health as an individual the more likely are their chances of living constructively, effectively, and successfully. The modern concept of health and physical education directs itself toward development of the whole child. The curriculum in health and physical education strives for that goal.

The physical education teacher, using physical activity as the primary teaching tool, is concerned with the total learning situation, the personal and social relationships involved, the setting in which learning takes place, the outcomes of team work, as well as the kind and quality of the activity itself.

Teachers and Staff

Tim Cocco
Health / P.E.
(708) 585-2046

Gina Helbling
(708) 585-2076

Trent Jensen
Health / P.E.
(708) 585-2127

Shawn Killeen
(708) 585-3086

Paul Massat
(708) 585-9744

Bob Padjen
(708) 585-2107

Chris Pruitt
(708) 585-2167

Sandy Shaughnessy
(708) 585-2131

Mike Tisza
(708) 585-2135

Jamey Wallace
(708) 585-9705

Nancy Welker
Health / P.E.
(708) 585-2156