Mathematics encompasses arithmetic, measurement, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, statistics, probability, and other fields. It deals with numbers, quantities, shapes and data as well as numerical relationships and operations. However, mathematics is much more than a collection of concepts and skills; it is a way of approaching new challenges through investigating, reasoning, visualizing and problem solving. It is a language to help us identify, describe and investigate patterns of everyday living. Mathematical skills will provide students with a solid foundation for success in the workplace, a basis for continued learning in mathematics, and a foundation for confronting real-life situations arising throughout their lives.

Teachers and Staff

Kevin Beck
Algebra / Geometry
(708) 585-2054

Rob Belin
Algebra / Geometry
(708) 585-2027

Elissa Belli
Algebra / Geometry
(708) 585-2133  

Meg Blahunka
Algebra / Geometry / Pre-Calculus
(708) 585-9407

Leo Bonin
Geometry / Pre-Calculus
(708) 585-2029

Pam Crims
Algebra / Pre-Calculus
(708) 585-2058

Michael Fox
(708) 585-2026

Mary Henry
(708) 585-2057

Carrie King
(708) 585-2114

LaQuesha Martin
Algebra / Geometry
(708) 585-2071

Suzanne Mitchell
Math Department Aide
(708) 585-2155

Ronnie Petrey
Algebra / Statistics
(708) 585-2126

Jill Ridgley
(708) 585-2153

Kim Sands
(708) 585-2154

Fred Seibel
Algebra / AP Calculus
(708) 585-2122