The Science Department curriculum involves the students in the use of hypothesis, collection of evidence and experimentation through the use of hands-on laboratory experiences. The scientific method is presented as a social enterprise that influences and is influenced by human thoughts and action.

Teachers and Staff

Holly Blair  
Chemistry/ Honors Chemistry
(708) 585-2184           

Ouida Dyer-Bradford
Chemistry/ Earth Science
(708) 585-2033  

Amanda Hanson
Anatomy/ Physiology
(708) 585-2193

Angela Germeraad 
(708) 585-2052

Mike Ferchau
(708) 585-2047

Matt Jancich
(708) 585-2118

Tanya Kirkpatrick        
Honors Biology/ Principles of Chemistry
(708) 585-2139 

Kelli McCullough         
Principles of Chemistry
(708) 585-9406                

John McGuire
(708) 585-2158

Taren O'Toole
Anatomy Physiology/ Biology
(708) 585-2069        

Kerry Sudkamp
Biology/ Chemistry
(708) 585-2178

Rich Tarbunas             
Principles of Chemistry/ Physics 
(708) 585-9762