Student Behavior Code


A primary responsibility of the Thornton Fractional high schools and the professional staff is the students' understanding and appreciation of the rules, rights and responsibilities of the individual. It is the district's intent that students learn in a positive manner from the consequences of their actions and that all discipline is delivered with compassion for the purpose of altering student be-havior. The maintenance of good discipline is essential to the educational process and is the joint responsibility of the home and school. Therefore, the home will be involved in the disciplinary pro-cess as early and as often as necessary. Students must adjust their behavior to the standards of the school. Appropriate student behavior is expected in order that the education of others is not hindered. Each student has the responsibility to know and abide by the regulations of the school. Behavior which tends to conflict with the educational environment or which is antagonistic to the welfare of other students and faculty will not be tolerated.

The provisions of this handbook are not to be considered as irrevocable contractual commitments between the school and the student. Rather, the provisions reflect the current status of the rules, practices, and procedures as currently practiced and are subject to change; upon recommendation of the District Discipline Committee and subject to approval of the district Board of Education.

The following list of misbehaviors is not exhaustive. The district reserves the right to discipline students (up to and including expulsion) for instances of misconduct not specifically described in the Student Behavior Code.

Student Expectations:

Thornton Fractional District 215 students can expect:

• A safe and orderly learning environment

• To be treated with dignity, civility and respect

• To be informed of the rules of conduct

• Freedom from discrimination and harassment

• Academic grades based on academic performance

• To express opinions and personal points of view

• Assistance from teachers, guidance counselors, deans, and administrators

Student Responsibilities:

Thornton Fractional District 215 students have the responsibility to:

• Attend school regularly and to be on time

• Observe the rights of other people

• Report hazardous or dangerous situations to an adult

• Treat others with respect and civility regardless of their racial/ethnic origin, age, sex, sexu-al orientation, religion, or disability

• Maintain academic honesty

• Maintain self-control and proper conduct at all times

• Refrain from the use and/or possession of controlled substances, illegal drugs, or drug paraphernalia

• Be truthful

• Express proper care of equipment, textbooks, and facilities

In dealing with violations of the rules and regulations of the school, staff will seek to resolve prob-lems with the cooperation of the student and parent or guardian. The following pages are present-ed so that both parents and students will be aware of the rules, regulations and expectations of the schools. Parents and students are required to sign the form at the front of the Student Handbook with a signature indicating receipt of the discipline code. Parents and students are responsible for becoming familiar with this code.

Student Behavior Modification

It is the purpose of the dean's office and district disciplinary procedure to:

1. Allow the student the needed choices to modify his/her behavior

2. Provide the resources and deterrents for this policy to be successful

3. Define the consequences of failing to modify identified problem behaviors

To accomplish this behavior modification, the district provides assistance, succession of warnings and deterrents.