**Google FormsCTEAM Survey for Class of 2020

**Google FormsCTEAM Survey for Class of 2021

**PDF DocumentDual Credit Information (Free College Credit)

**PDF DocumentSSC Course Descriptions (Note: NO PLACEMENT TEST NEEDED for highlighted courses)

**PDF DocumentApplication Form

1. Automotive Technology (view/ print flyer)

     a. Video

2. Building Construction (view/print flyer)

     a. Video

3. Business (view/print flyer)

     a. Videos

          i. CHOOSE BUSINESS

          ii. Coding, App and Web Development

4. College Step-up (seniors only - view/print flyer

     a. Video

     b. Moodle

     c. SSC Course Descriptions

5. Collision Repair (view/print flyer)

     a. Video

6. Culinary Arts (view/print flyer)

     a. Video

7. Engineering (view/print flyer)

     a. Video

8. Professional Development for 21st Century Success Program (view/print flyer)

     a. Video  

9. TV Production (view/print flyer)

     a. Video

10. Work Program (view/print flyer)

     a. Video

          i. Mock Interview Video