District 215 is committed to providing an effective, open two-way communication system that enables the district to develop and maintain positive, continuous, and synergistic relationships with all stakeholders.

Listed to the right are some of the communications tools that the district uses to connect with students, parents, alumni, and the community.

Communication Plan


Social Media





Department Contact Information

Gail Guzman
Digital Media Manager (TF South)
Phone: (708) 585-2197
Email: gguzman@tfd215.org

Karen Lake
Publicity Representative (TF North)
Phone: (708) 585-1186
Email: klake@tfd215.org

Chris Simich
Digital Media Manager (TF Center)
Phone: (708) 585-6008
Email:  csimich@tfd215.org

Diane DeSoto-Miller
Digital Media Manager (TF North)
Phone: (708) 585-1029
Email: ddesoto@tfd215.org