The school expects all students to dress in a manner that is appropriate for a school day and which will not substantially disrupt the educational process and climate or be a safety or health concern. Clothing must be worn in such a way that genitals, buttocks, and breasts are fully covered with opaque fabric. At a minimum all students must wear the following: A Shirt (with fabric in the front, back, and on the sides under the arms), AND Pants/jeans or the equivalent (for example, a skirt, sweatpants, leggings, a dress or shorts), AND Shoes.

Students May Wear, as long as these items do not violate the definition above:

  • Religious headwear
  • Hoodie sweatshirts (hoods cannot be worn on heads)
  • Fitted pants, including opaque leggings, yoga pants and “skinny jeans"
  • Ripped jeans, as long as underwear and buttocks are not exposed
  • Tank tops, including spaghetti straps
  • Athletic attire
  • Face Masks (Required)

***According to the Illinois Department of Public Health, face shields have not been deemed effective for source control and are only to be used when other methods of protection are not available or appropriate.

Students Cannot Wear or carry to class:

  • Violent language or images
  • Hats, hoods as headwear, bonnets, durags, berets, visors, helmets, and caps
  • Shirts that show midriffs or tube tops
  • Images or language depicting drugs or alcohol (or any illegal item or activity)
  • Images or language depicting hate speech, profanity, pornography
  • Images or language that creates a hostile or intimidating environment based on any protected class or consistently marginalized groups
  • Any clothing that reveals visible undergarments
  • Accessories that could be considered dangerous or could be used as a weapon
  • Any item that obscures the face or ears (except as a religious observance, medical reasons, or state health mandate)
  • Outerwear – coats, lined jackets, lined hoodies, vests, gloves, scarves, sunglasses, backpacks, over-sized purses, book bags and sports bags

This is not an all-inclusive list. Administrative discretion will apply in all cases.