Freshman Academy

The Freshman Academy, located at the Center for Academics and Technology, is a school that provides a special opportunity for those students who were not able to achieve ten credits their freshman year (through classes at the home school, Credit Recovery, or summer school) and do not have an IEP. Since these students do not have enough credits for the district to consider them as true sophomores, they must come to our centralized campus where they will continue their education as well as catch up on credits they did not achieve their first year in school. Here they will encounter reduced class sizes and increased academic support to help get them back on track to graduating on time.

Students at the Freshman Academy may return to their home schools after the first semester if they are able to maintain a 2.5 GPA and acquire 15 credits (the minimum number they would need to be back on track and graduate in four years). They may return to their home schools as juniors if they acquire 23 credits after the entire year. Students who fail to acquire at least ten credits after a full year at the Freshman Academy must return to the Freshman Academy campus the next year. Students must have a minimum of 43 credits in order to graduate.

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