Remote/In-Person Learning

District 215 Application Portal: 

External Link

This is your home base to access many digital resources for your classes.

Use the link above to be taken to the District 215 Application Portal. You will need to use your email address and password to login to the portal.

Your student email address begins with the letter S plus your school ID number and is followed by


Your password is your birth date (made up of only six numbers), formatted like this – mmddyy - with a preceding 0 for single digits.

                     Example: a student with a birth date of May 2, 2005 would have a password of 050205.

Here some of the apps that you will find in the portal:

  • Student Email: Check your email for information from your teachers and others in your building. You can add email to your mobile device with the Outlook App.
  • Microsoft Teams: Teachers may use Teams as a learning platform to provide assignments, quizzes, & communication. Your teacher will tell you if they are using Teams.
  • Google Classroom: Teachers may use Classroom as a learning platform to provide assignments, quizzes, & communication. Your teacher will tell you if they are using Classroom.
  • APEX Learning: Some of your classes may use APEX. This resource can provide information for your class, almost like a digital textbook. Your teacher will tell you if you are using APEX.
  • SAVVAS EasyBridge: SAVVAS EasyBridge provides you access to electronic textbooks from Pearson. If your class has a supported book you will find it here. Your teacher will let you know if you should use this.

Your email and password are your key to your online learning resources within the District 215 Application Portal. Be sure to keep them somewhere where you can easily find them. You will need them every day.

PDF DocumentDistrict 215 Remote Learning Plan Student Guide

PDF DocumentPlan de Aprendizaje Remoto Resumen del Estudiante

Video DocumentVideo for students and parents on remote learning

Live Video Instruction:

Your classes will include live instruction by your teacher. All live classes will be conducted using Zoom. You won’t need to login to Zoom; each teacher will provide you a link to each of your classes. So if you have six classes, you will receive six links to save and access each day. Be on the lookout in your Student Email!

Technical Support

If you need assistance with accessing these resources, please e-mail Support is available between 8AM and 3:30PM on school days.

Student Social/Emotional Support Request

We recognize that at times you or someone you know may need support dealing with various issues, especially during times like these.  If you are experiencing school, home or personal problems that you would like to discuss, the Support Request form has been created as your “virtual pass” to request support from staff members in the Guidance Office.
Click here for access to the Request form.