The Speech Team is an organization that competes in various styles of public speaking and performance. Individual events are either original or memorized from published material.


Speech Team is a competitive activity in which students compete in 13 very unique events, ranging from impromptu speaking to acting to news casting to verse and prose reading. Students are judged against their competitors at tournaments, competing for a chance to compete in the final round of the tournament, and boost the team score of T.F. South, while winning trophies and medals for themselves. Speech tournaments, of which there are generally 12-16 (attended by T.F. South) each year, take place on Saturdays, and usually last eight to twelve hours. Students are usually judged in rounds of five to eight competitors. There are generally three preliminary rounds of competition, and the top-ranking competitors in each event advance to the final round. While there can be anywhere from thirty to sixty students entered in each single event at a tournament, only six or seven usually make finals, and these finalists take home awards.

Procedure For Joining

Listen to announcements at the beginning of the year for more information. Students must be academically eligible to join.

Time Commitment

Practices are held after school and/or in the evening.

Activity Time Period