The TFS Poets Society compiles and creates our literary magazine, which is a combination of students’ works from the Art Show as well as literary pieces created by members of our club.  This magazine is published in the spring, and everyone is invited to submit their work for publication.   Many of the poems published in our magazine were presented by students at our Annual Poetry Slam held in the auditorium.

Procedure for Joining
Any student in good standing is welcome to join the TFS Poets Society.  Meetings are held on alternating Tuesdays in Room 224 and are from approximately 3:30 to 4:15.  Refreshments are always served!

Time Commitment
Our club recognizes that many of our members belong to other clubs and sports and that attending every meeting is not always possible.  Keeping in touch with club officers and the club sponsor is important on days you cannot be at the meeting to stay informed of service projects, field trips, and upcoming events. 

Activity Time Period
This is a year-long club and your participation is encouraged!