COVID-19 Protocols

PDF DocumentSchool Guidance for School Year 2021-2022

1. Will my child have to wear a mask in school?

Yes. The Board of Education adopted policy 4:182 which states that District 215 will follow CDC guidelines set forth for K-12 schools. The current CDC guideline states that all individuals, vaccinated or unvaccinated, must wear a mask over their mouth and nose while indoors or on the bus. Students should wear a mask to school. If a student does not have a mask, one will be provided. During lunch periods students will be allowed to remove masks while eating.

2. Will students be physically distant in school?

Physically distancing will occur to the extent possible.

3. Will there be COVID-19 testing?

Yes. District 215 is partnering with the University of Illinois to offer OPTIONAL weekly testing to students who are not vaccinated. Click here for a 5-minute video on this saliva-based testing system. Testing will occur once weekly, generally on Mondays, beginning in September. Parents who want to have their unvaccinated child tested must opt in to the program by completing the registration form in PowerSchool. Parents who want vaccinated children to participate in the weekly testing may opt in as well, however District 215 is not requesting weekly testing of vaccinated children at this time.

4. Will I be informed if my child has had close contact with someone who tests positive?

Yes. There is a detailed plan for contact tracing for positive cases. You will be informed if your child has been in close contact with an individual who tests positive.

5. Under what circumstances will my child be required to quarantine?

If your child is unvaccinated and has had a close contact with an individual who tests positive, your child will be required to quarantine for fourteen days and will not be able to be present on school property during that time. If your child is fully vaccinated and has had a close contact with an individual who tests positive, but does not have any COVID-19 symptoms, they are not required to quarantine. Fully vaccinated students who are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms are required to quarantine.

6. If my child misses school due to COVID-19 symptoms or a positive COVID test, who should I notify?

You will notify the school’s attendance office and must inform the attendance office of the reason for the absence. You may not send your child to school if they exhibit any COVID-19 symptoms or have tested positive for COVID-19. If your child tests positive for COVID-19, parents/guardians may make an Extended Absence Homework Request. The Guidance Department will assist in making arrangements for assignments and/or homework. Teachers will be given 24-hour notice to prepare assignments. If a student is absent for more than three weeks, please contact the Social Worker.

7. Can I opt for remote/virtual learning for my child?

No. As of right now, the Illinois state superintendent has mandated that all students return to in-person learning. If your child’s doctor has recommended remote learning for your child due to a serious medical condition, you should contact the school social worker and will need to submit the appropriate paperwork.

Thornton Fractional District 215 Policy 4:182 can be found online in the Board Policy Manual.

CDC Guidelines for k-12 schools are also available online. Illinois State Board of Education guidance should also be reviewed.