English 11 and 12 Summer Reading

Note: Honors students - this is NOT your list! Please consult the Honors English lists on the TFN website or consult the hard copy provided by the teacher.

Welcome T.F. North! The English department at North believes consistent reading is crucial to improve literacy, and reading different texts is crucial to developing your opinions and values.

We know that semester two of the 2019-2020 school year was an incredible adjustment. As a result, summer reading this year is enrichment only. If possible, read at least TWO of the books on this list before the first day of school.

PDF DocumentBook Choices

Some of these books have more adult themes or situations; if you are uncomfortable with that, be sure to read summaries and reviews so you can pick a book that does not explore those issues. All summaries are adapted from goodreads.com or amazon.com.