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AP Psychology: Information & Summer Assignment


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Dear Student:

Congratulations on your course selection of Advanced Placement Psychology. You have made a wise yet demanding choice. You will have the opportunity to find out what makes people tick and have a better understanding of yourself as well. I have high expectations for this class and demand students who are willing to put in the required effort necessary to succeed. My goal is for every student enrolled in the class to take the AP Exam in May, giving you the chance to earn college credit. That requires dedication, enthusiasm, and hard work on both our parts.

AP Psychology is a year-long course comprised of fourteen extensive units which will introduce you to the systematic and scientific study of human behavior and mental processes.  The ultimate goal of this course is for you to perform well on the AP Psychology Exam administered by the College Board of Review. Therefore, it is the expectation that all students will be taking the AP Exam in May to earn college credit. 

Topics we will study include:

  1.  Introduction, History and Methodology
  2. Research Methods
  3. Biological Bases of Behavior
  4. Sensation and Perception
  5. States of Consciousness
  6. Learning
  7. Cognition (Memory, Thinking, Problem Solving, Creativity and Language)
  8. Motivation and Emotion; Stress & Health
  9. Developmental Psychology
  10. Personality
  11. Testing & Individual Differences
  12. Abnormal Psychology
  13. Treatment of Psychological Disorders
  14. Social Psychology

Here is what you can expect in this course…

  • A lot of independent reading from the text and selected primary sources
  • A great deal of class discussion, lecture, and interactive demonstrations/labs
  • Practice tests that will prepare you for the May exam
  • Projects (group and individual) that will help you apply course material
  • Quizzes & Exams.  You will find these very helpful when it comes to how well you are taking your notes.  If you don’t read, and re-read, you will not do well on the quizzes/tests
  • I promise that I will do MY best to prepare you in the best way I know!

By the end of the year you will be better critical thinkers and will have mastered the content of Introductory Psychology at the college level!

Good luck,

~Mrs. Bivins

Wendy Bivins

School Counselor