AP Chemistry Summer Work

AP Chemistry Summer Enrichment Opportunities



  • Ms. McDaniel
  • Email: kmcdaniel@tfd215.org
  • Remind: Text @kc2akk to 81010
  • Google Classroom: Class Code:  xlgpnzy


  • In order to be successful in AP Chem, you will need to memorize the Polyatomic ion list and metal ions. You can start memorizing them over the summer if you wish and the free app, Chemistry Formula Practice (Carolina), is a fun way to practice.  You will need to successfully pass an all-or-nothing quiz during the first quarter of school, on which you will need to know the formula, charges and correct spelling… the summer may be a great time to get started!

  • Join my Remind

    • Text the message @kc2akk to the number 81010.

    • If you’re having trouble with 81010, try texting @kc2akk to (858) 997-1985.

  • Join my Google Classroom:

    • Class Code:   xlgpnzy

    • I will post a weekly review assignment so you can stay fresh on your chemistry skills if you want to have some practice.

  • You will need a graphing calculator. TI84 is great!  If you can’t afford one right now, maybe you can ask for one for Christmas…we won’t need it until after Christmas. (I have scientific calculators for you to use in class.)

  • If you are having difficulty with any of the concepts, you may watch the following videos to try to refresh your memory and the videos I will post in Google classroom with the assignments.  If you need more specific help with topics, don’t hesitate to send me a remind message and I will find you a tutorial video to help you.

  • One of the biggest things to remember is, we are in this thing together!  We succeed by working together, sharing what we know and what we don’t know, growing and learning.  It is a process. 

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