TF South, North Students Named State Scholars

TF South, North Students Named State Scholars

December 11, 2014

More than 30 students from District 215, including 22 from TF South and 10 from TF North were recently named 2015-2016 State Scholars by the Illinois Student Assistance Commission. These students were among the top ten percent of students selected from high schools across the state.

Students are selected for the State Scholars program based on their grades, class rank, and test scores in the 95th percentile or higher on the ACT or SAT. Each student received congratulatory letters and certificates commemorating this honor. Although no monetary award is provided to selected students, this distinction gives them a competitive advantage when applying to colleges and universities.

Both TF North and TF South have provided test preparation courses and other supports to give students the resources they need to perform well on the ACT.

Superintendent Dr. Creg E. Williams was quite pleased at this announcement, noting the large number of recipients from District 215 selected for this award. Williams congratulated the students on this outstanding accomplishment remarking, "this award is a testament to the hard work and dedication of not only these exceptional students but also to their parents, families, and teachers that helped contribute to their success.

Students from TF North selected for this honor include: Cemara Adams, Tierra Brown, Ivan Cazarin, Melissa Garcia, Ariel Gonzalez, Brittnie Jackson, Jessica Johnson, Amanda Lopez, Sierra Rainey, and Mark Wallace III.

TF South's ‘State Scholars' include the following: Asma'A Abdeljaber, Kristian Black, Christopher Botma, Joshua Burkeen, Kadedra Dobyne, Kaitlyn Dominiak, Rodrigo Estrada, Biridiana Gutierrez, Taylar Harris, Kyle Holben, Rebecca Huizenga, Johnathon Kopij, Briana Lilly, Ryan Lindell, Brianna Martin, Brandon Moore, Durdaana Osuagwu, Cody Petrich, Delores Robinson, Christopher Siegfried, Daniel Stellfox, and Jamir Williams.