8th Grade Placement Program


Thornton Fractional High School District 215 strives to maximize opportunities for all incoming students to reach their full potential. By using multiple indicators including reliable test data and classroom performance, student placement in appropriate courses are determined.

Assessment and Placement

Incoming students' skill levels are assessed based on 8th grade teachers' recommendations and the Explore test results. The primary indicator for placement in English, Social Studies, and Science is reading ability as demonstrated on the Explore test. Secondary indicators in these areas include results from the English and Science Reasoning sections of the Explore test. The primary indicator for placement in Mathematics is the Explore Mathematics test. For students in the honors program, successful completion of Algebra and demonstrated performance on the 8th grade Algebra examination is required.

Guidance counselors, working with 8th grade teachers, make every attempt to place incoming students in an appropriate pathway that challenges students to acquire the necessary academic and life skills for success in high school and beyond. Parents are informed of student placements during 8th grade registration.