Writing across the Curriculum

As part of our School Improvement Plan, 8 TFS teachers volunteered their time during the summer of 2011 to be part of the Writing Across the Curriculum committee.  This committee focuses on ways to integrate writing in all areas of the curriculum and in all classes and courses. 

The Writing committee had the following goals for the 2011-2012 school year:

  • Present to various staff groups during the school year with ideas and suggestions for incorporating writing
  • Create a standardized writing vocabulary to be used across the curriculum
  • Offer support to teachers with both departmental and one-on-one instruction on adding writing to the curriculum
  • Ask all teachers to increase the writing currently required in their individual classes by one assignment

Resources presented by the Writing Committee are available for reference on this page.


Research connecting writing with improving reading skills

External Link More Writing Can Boost Reading Skills from Vanderbilt University

External Link The Writing Revolution from The Atlantic