These are graphic organizers and templates you can use in order to have your students practice active reading skills with the SIP articles (or any other reading you have them complete for your classes).

PDF DocumentSummary Writing Frame
Have students write a solid summary paragraph of the article they read using the template as a guide. You will need to model how to do it the first time or two with students, but this is a good way for all content areas to get some writing practice into a lesson.

PDF DocumentCompare and Contrast Writing Frame

A very basic writing fram for writing a basic compare/contrast paragraph.

PDF DocumentOne Sentence Summaries

Assign (or give students a choice) a specific format for students to use to write a one sentence summary of the article.

PDF DocumentActive Reading Template

Modify this template for a specific article.

Example article #1 and questions: Is a Virus the Cause of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

Example article #2 BBC News Country Profile and Active Reading Questions

*This one is adapted from something Jenni Cottrill created and English 11 teachers used last year.

PDF DocumentBudget Reading Tour

This is an easy one page handout that can be used to show active reading. You could even just put up an overhead of the handout and have students complete it on their own paper.

PDF Document3-2-1

No need to print an organizer here: have students write down specific things in a 3--2-1 format from the text. For example, you could have students write down 3 facts, 2 important quotes and 1 question they have about something they have read. The beauty of this strategy is that you can adapt the 3-2-1 topics for each assignment.

PDF DocumentSetence Structures: Helping Students Discuss, Read and Write About Texts

This comes from handouts from a presentation by Jim Burke, a current classroom teacher, researcher, and supporter of students. It has sentence starters to help students discuss, read and write about texts. Check out his website www.englishcompanion.com for other great resources--it's not just for English teachers.