Article Resources

External Link News Websites
This is a link to the page Gail Guzman put up to help students find credible news sources.

External Link The Chicago Tribune NIE
This is the direct link to the Tribune's page for teachers. There are a variety of resources here, including articles for use and an archive of editorial cartoons and questions.

External Link The Learning Network (New York Times)
This is their education blog. It has numerous links to articles, resources, etc. There are current articles posted daily as well as an archive by subject.

External Link Question Archive (New York Times)
Part of their learning network: "Questions based on Times content that aim to strengthen literacy and numeracy skills. Use them for test prep or just for fun!" 

The link above has all of the archived questions by day. Below are the archived questions by subject:

External Link Kelly Gallagher's Article of the Week
Kelly Gallagher and colleagues at his California high school have been doing something similar to our SIP articles. They call it "Article of the Week" and have archived their articles for the past few years.

External Link Science News for Kids
External Link Social Studies for Kids
These are two a websites I found via Kelly Gallagher's articles that have a lot of short articles that seem appropriate for our freshmen.

External Link Izzit
Tim Cocco recommended this website. You can sign up to get daily emails of current events articles or search their archives.
From the site: "These FREE lessons are updated daily throughout the school year. Each lesson includes a news article and discussion questions designed to promote critical thinking, challenge assumptions, and stimulate class discussion. Note: Each new lesson remains on the website for one week."

External Link TFS LRC
This is Gail Guzman's page that has links to databases and other resources.

External Link Wall Street Journal Classroom Edition 
Articles from the WSJ that are high school appropriate, and not too long. A couple of TFS teachers get the print edition of the magazine this year, so they have access to the online teacher guide. Check with them if you need access to something in the teacher guide.

This list is not all-inclusive. Please email Kim Bywater links that you have for article resources and I will add them.